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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ace of Games Updates

Last night there was a great showing at the Bear Pond Books Bananagrams event. About 20 folks, young and not-as-young came together to put their Bananagramming to the test. Its that type of game where you have to say, "just one more..." Sources say that Bananagrams has been the top seller out of any one product at Bear Pond last year. Mont P could be the Bananagrams capital of the world! Don't forget the Bananagrams tournament on February 21, at 2pm at the library. You could win the Top Banana trophy!

Last week the Ace of Games added the Coffee Corner as its newest venue. Montpelier's favorite teeny-tiny diner will host Apples to Apples (one of the library's recommended) every Wednesday from 1-3. Other games would be welcome, so break out the cribbage board, the Quarto! or the backgammon and get your game on.

I have noticed that there are a whole gaggle of Michiganders who have settled here in Montpelier. When I was growing up in Michigan, Euchre was the official cardgame of the Mid-West. Can Euchre make its way into Vermont? Click here to check out the rules: As for house rules, no kibbitzing, yes on Farmer's Hands, and "Screw the Dealer" is in effect. Card games will be featured on February 14, Valentines Day at the Ace of Games at the Library, 2-5pm.


Claire said...

Ben- thanks for organizing these games. Bananagrams at Bear Pond was really fun. A couple of us were discussing that night how much we want to learn to play Mah Jongg. We have a set, we just need someone to teach us. Someone gave me a lesson once, but I think we need some more start-up guidance. If anyone's willing and available, let me know!

Ben Matchstick said...

If you bring Mah Jongg to the Library on a Saturday from 2-5, I bet you would find some takers, or at least someone who knows who can play. There are folks who play at Langdon Street Cafe. I can tell you who they are.