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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sixteen Week Discussion on Sustainable Investing

Every Tuesday for 16 weeks the Kellogg-Hubbard Library will have a reading and discussion program called, Investing for a Sustainable Future. This program will meet in the Hayes Room at 6:30pm beginning February 19, 2008. You might wonder what socially responsible investing is or what it means for companies to be responsible. Can traditional economics and modern capitalism shift their emphasis from infinite growth to sustainable human well-being? These issues will be discussed in this series. There are four books that will be used and are available at the library:

Socially Responsible Investing by Amy Domini
The High Purpose Company by Christine Arena
Capitalism at the Crossroads by Stuart L. Hart
Mid-Course Correction by Ray C. Anderson

We will also have guest speakers and films to enhance this discussion course. No registration is required, but reading the material ahead of time is suggested. People can attend any number of the discussions. On Tuesday, February 19 Gary Flomenhoft will speak. He is a Research Associate for UVM Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. On February 26 the guest lecturer is Rick Hausman. He has been director of research at Clean Yield Asset Management in Greensboro since 1990. This program in made possible in part with support from the National Life Group.
To learn more about this series and our moderator, Elisa Leibowitz, please click here.

David Dobbs - providing a gift of vermont authors

Last Fall David Dobbs, local author, library supporter, family guy, blogger, and generally fun person, came to the Kellogg-Hubbard Library with a great idea: how about a monthly program series by local authors talking about their passions. We thought this was a great idea and invited David to organize this series for the Library. He's done it and it's great. So far we've had David speak about his love of neuroscience, Eric Zency talk about the second law of thermodynamics, David Goodman talk about Dick Cheney and this week we will hear from Jody Gladding as she talks about her love of slate. Jody is also a trustee of KHL. The series is called, Why I Love What I Love. Each month there is a page-long interview in The Bridge with that month's author and each program is videotaped by ORCA Media. The programs are viewed on the public access channel and a DVD copy of the presentation is available at the library. The programs are always on the second Wednesday of each month - no programs in July or August. David is already gearing up for next year's selection. If you see David around town - please thank him for his gift to us.

Join us this Wednesday, February 13 at 7pm in the Hayes Room for Why I Love Slate by Jody Gladding.