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Friday, November 30, 2007

Early closing on Saturday

The library will close at 1:00pm on Saturday December 1st so that we can set up for An Evening at the Library which starts at 7:00pm.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Silent auction

What follows is a list of silent auction items that are on display at the library. The first dollar amount is the value of an item and the second is the minimum bid. Final bids will be accepted this Saturday night, December 1st, at An Evening at the Library. Bid early and bid often to support the Kellogg-Hubbard Library!

Silent Auction

Glass Jewelry Box by Gail Lacy $150 $75

Flower Bouquet Quilt $600 $250

Polar Bear Whistles by Mary Stone $250 $125

Three Teddy Bears $75 $30

Painted Pet Portrait by Jody Stahlman $50 $20

Pond Village Home in Brookfield - rental $575 $200

72 piece Set of Polish Bone China $250 $100

Craftsman Chainsaw $160 $60

Norton Pond Cottage- rental $400 $150

2008 Betty Lord Wedding Planner $2,500 $900

Clay Pet Portrait by Georgia Landau $85 $42

Dessert of the Month for a year by J. McCullough $250 $75

Nine Dozen Cookies from KHL staff priceless priceless

Ansel Adams at 100, book $40 $15

Mountaineers family season pass $100 $40

Grand View Winery event for 10 $60 $20

Doug Wilhelm Book Mention priceless priceless

Wardian Case $200 $75

Royal Tour of Statehouse with David Schutz priceless priceless

Plaster Sculpture of Ceres by Jerry Williams $200 $75

Two Hours of Plumbing, Fred Blakely $188 $65

12 personalized T-shirts, Beavin & Son's $126 $45

Reeve & Anne Morrow Lindbergh Adult Books $75 $30

Marlowe and Barnaby Rudge, books $35 $15

Abstract painting by M.F. Bartlett $1,000 $400

Reeve Lindbergh Children's books $140 $65

Native American Doll by Charlene McManis $75 $30

Trip for Two to Montreal Food Markets $200 $80

Holland Pewter Tea/Coffee set $160 $70

An Evening Out Print by Christa Kieffer $80 $30

A Gift from the Sea 1st Ed. by Anne Morrow Lindbergh $25 $10

Ski Tour with Paul Costello $150 $75

Merchant of Venice, book $100 $50

All Men Are Brothers, book $35 $15

Gingerbread House by Roberta Tracy $200 $100

NBA Sports Bag Collection $200 $100

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Evening at the Library Honors Reeve Lindbergh

This Saturday, December 1st at 7 p.m., the Kellogg-Hubbard will be fortunate to host its second annual "Evening at the Library", hosted by Lola Aiken. Last year we honored the beloved children's author Katherine Paterson. This year, we'll be honoring another noted Vermont author, Reeve Lindbergh. Both Katherine and Reeve are not only outstanding authors. They were each chosen as the evening's honorees because they have been outstanding in their support and promotion of reading, libraries and literacy.

Reeve Lindbergh lives in St. Johnsbury and is an accomplished author of family memoirs, novels and children’s books. She is the youngest daughter of aviator Charles Lindbergh and writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Reeve is Honorary Chairman of The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation and she has had deep involvement in supporting public libraries. Reeve and her husband Nathaniel Tripp were recently chosen as the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce's 2007 Citizens of the Year.

We are all looking forward to lighting up this beautiful building and opening it to one of the most inspiring events of the year. If you don't have your ticket yet, call 229-0912 to have tickets held for you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Montpelier Flood 80th Anniversary

The following post is from Claire Gilbertson who oversees Kellogg-Hubbard's Vermont collection.

November 1927-2007, 80th anniversary of the 1927 Flood

Eighty years ago a natural disaster happened in Vermont that still marks it as a major event in Vermont's history. People in the community who remember the 1927 flood say it's something you won't ever forget.

Two storms, a cold one from the west and a warm one from the south locked over Vermont. The rain they produced after a very wet summer and fall caused 10 to 12 feet of water at the corners of State Street and Main Street in Montpelier. The Kellogg Hubbard Library has a medallion next to the adult circulation desk that marks the height of the water in the library on the first floor, over 5 feet.

Many of Vermont's rivers overflowed their banks and caused an incredible amount of damage, roads washed out, houses pushed off their foundations, lives lost. But the pictures speak for themselves. We've blown-up 5 historic postcards of the flooding in Montpelier. They are set-up in the room that houses the Vermont Collection at the library.

Just in time for the 80th anniversary, Deborah and Nicholas Clifford published an incredible book on the flood, 1927-1931. They have the pictures and first-hand narratives but also include an analysis of what it took to get Vermont back to normal. This important work explains how the flood changed the landscape and the people of Vermont.

For information on the flood, the following is a list of some of the items the library has.

VERMONT 974.3 C Clifford, Deobrah Pickman. The troubled roar of the waters: Vermont in flood and recovery, 1927-1931. Lebanon [NH]: University Press of New England, 2007.

VERMONT 551.489 M Minsinger, W.E. M.D. The 1927 Flood in Vermont and New England November 3-7, 1927, an historical and pictorial summary. Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory and Science Center, 2003.

VIDEO VT 551.489 V Vermont Public Television. Vermont's great flood. [videorecording]. Vermont Public Television, 2003. "In 1927, a huge flood swept away houses, roads, railways and farms. Torrential rains flooded the rivers, which rushed through towns as high as 18 feet above normal…"

VERMONT REF 974 K623 Kinnison, Harvey Banks, 1890- The New England flood of November, 1927. Washington: Govt. Print. Off., 1929.

CD VERMONT 551.48 R Remembering hell and high water: the flood of '27: the 75 anniversary radio special. Using interviews of people who experienced the 1927 flood and author Pat Belding, Michael Thurston retells what happened during the flood and how people were affected by it.

VERMONT 551.489 J Johnson, Luther Burnham, 1869- The '27 flood. Randolph Center, Vt.: Greenhill Books, 1996, c1928.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Releases at the Library

This is a sampling of new releases at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. A completed and updated list is posted monthly on our web site.


Wohlforth, Charles P. The whale and the supercomputer: on the northern front of climate change.

The best American essays, 2007.

Ward, Geoffrey C. The war: an intimate history, 1941-1945.


Alther, Lisa. Kinfolks: falling off the family tree: the search for my Melungeon ancestors.

Michaelis, David. Schulz and Peanuts.


Follett, Ken. World without end.

Russo, Richard. Bridge of sighs.

Vargas Llosa, Mario. The bad girl.


Hammett, Dashiell. The Maltese falcon.

Mayor, Archer. Chat.

Mosley, Walter. Blonde faith.


Francis, Dick. Under orders.

Robbins, John. Healthy at 100: the scientifically proven secrets of the world's healthiest and longest-lived peoples.

Parker, Robert B. Now and then.


Friedman, Thomas L. The world is flat.

Grisham, John. Playing for pizza.

Great speeches of the 20th century


Graphic natural disasters. Tsunamis & floods.

Sís, Peter. The wall: growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

Teen Ink Magazine.


Prieto, Anita. B is for bookworm.

Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus and the missing tooth.

Dixon, Dougal. The discovery of T. Rex.


Abbott, Tony. Pirates of the Purple Dawn.

American Girls. Nicki.

Winkler, Henry. My dog's a scaredy-cat.


Awdry, W. Thomas-saurus rex.

Butler, John. Can you growl like a bear?

Rey, H.A. Curious George plants a seed.


Odean, Kathleen. Great books for boys.

Lester, Barry. Why is my baby crying?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Snow shoveling

Help wanted at the library!

With winter right around the corner we are looking for someone to shovel the front and back walk and stairs in the morning as needed, before the library opens at 10:00 am. Must be reliable! If you are interested please phone Marcy at 223-3338 extension 302 for more information.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Big Week at the Library

Lost Nation Theater Cast of The Big Read, photo by Kenric KiteFrom The Big Read to The Inuit to Soap Bubbles Circus we have something for everyone this week at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. There is no reason to stay home when you can be part of many different exciting programs at the library - no matter how old or young you are! On Monday we have two programs: the film Nanook of the North at 3:30pm and afternoon program for children and adults and Living in Navajoland with Suellen Howley at 7pm. On Tuesday we have The Lost Nation Theater continuing their dramatic reading of The Maltese Falcon in the periodical room at 7pm. Refreshments will be served. On Wednesday we continue with our Inuit series with Bill Fitzhugh of the Artic Studies Center from the Smithsonian Institute. We anticipate a large crowd and have moved this program to the Trinity Methodist Church next door. This is also a First Wednesdays program through the Vermont Humanities Council. On Thursday, the WORLD PREMIERE of the Soap Bubbles Circus with Rob Mermin will entertain children at 7pm. Don't stay home - go to the library!
*Update* I forgot to mention that we also have the Dark Knight Comics club that meets every Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm.

Managing your Money

Do you wish that you could do a better job of managing your money, planning for retirement, investing your savings, or saving for college? Here are some resources at Kellogg-Hubbard:

  • In our newspaper collection: Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.
  • In the magazine collection: Barron's, Money Magazine and Smart Money.
  • From your home computer through the Vermont Online Library: Business Resource Center. Pick up the flyer "Tapping the Hidden Web" for more information.
  • New in the book collection:

    Estate Planning Basics by Denis Clifford

    The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle

    Women and Money: Your Personal Finance Guide by D. Lee

    The Only Three Questions that Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don't by K. Fisher

    Last Chance Millionaire: It's Not Too Late to Become Wealthy by Andrew Douglas

    Women and Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny by Suze Orman

    Long Term Care: How to Plan and Pay for It by Joseph Matthews

    Credit Repair by Robin Leonard