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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nature Girl

photo by Rachel SenechalSome of you have probably read Carl Hiaasen's newest book called Nature Girl. One of the characters is Honey Santana. She's featured on the book cover, kayaking. When you read the book you learn that Honey lives in Everglades City, Florida and kayaks in the mangroves of the Ten Thousand Islands. Honey can't stand the incivility of telemarketers and is trying to teach one very obnoxious telemarketer named Boyd Shreave to change his ways. Her methods are creative to say the least.
photo by Rachel Senechal
This ribbon snake is on the boardwalk at Big Cypress Bend in the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve not far from Everglades City. I saw a black snake in the water along side the boardwalk.
photo by Rachel SenechalI love Everglades City and was there last week kayaking in the mangroves. I was a bit dismayed that there were so many tourists and new condos built since my last visit. The everglades is a special place - a wilderness like no other.

Tonight's Movie at the Library

The Kellogg-Hubbard Library is showing the fifth movie of six in the FINNISH FILM SERIES, tonight, Thursday, March 15, at 6:30 p.m. The movie is Invisible Elina (2003), directed by Klaus Härö. Set in 1952 on the Finnish/Swedish border of Lapland, this film follows young Elina who is sent back to school after recovering from tuberculosis. There Elina finds herself in a battle of wills against a stern teacher who punishes the children if they speak Finnish in her presence. As her mother and the “modern" teacher attempt to mediate between our little heroine and her rival, Elina finds herself racing off into the dangerous bog to have conversations with her deceased father. 74 minutes. Scholar Kati Dana will speak before the movie to give context to the time period and location in Finland. This movie if free and open to all.

An Evening with Vermont Women of Mystery

Last night at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library we had a great time with four Vermont mystery writers in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Sisters In Crime an organization that promotes the professional advancement of women mystery writers. The organizer of the "Evening" was Robbie Harold a former KHL Trustee, theater buff, and author of a mystery(not yet published), organizational consultant and member of Sisters In Crime. Our four authors were Nancy Means Wright, Carla Neggers, Sarah Stewart Taylor, and soon to be published author, Jennifer McMahon. Each author read from her most recent book and then, as a panel, answered questions about character development, story ideas, research, the dual role of mother and writer, favorite authors and the importance of libraries in their life. Sarah Stewart Taylor recounted her local librarian's angst at informing young Sarah that there were no more Agathie Christie novels left to read. She had read them all! Carla Neggers, author of more than 50 novels, started writing at a young age sitting up in a tree with pen and pad. Nancy Means Wright used a real life murder in the Northeast Kingdom as her story line with her neighbors as the characters in the book. Nancy's first mystery was written when she was 9 years old with the main character an obnoxious brother. Her mother destroyed it! Jennifer, whose book will be published on April 10th, said that this is her fourth book and the first that's published. Following the program we enjoyed a "Death by Chocolate" reception in the dimly lit library. It's always fun to be in the library after hours sipping coffee and eating dark chocolate cake, cookies, brownies, and biscotti. Today I received emails from Sarah Stewart Taylor with a link to her blog where she talks about our program last night, and one from Jennifer McMahon with a link to her "grog". Jennifer plans to blog on last night's program next week. This program came together with the help of a lot of people: Robbie Harold, Wayne Fawbush, Susan Reid, Marjorie Strong, Roberta Downey, Rachael Grossman, George Spaulding and all four authors and their families. If you missed this program you'll be able to watch it on the local access television channel. Once again the wonderful community-minded people at Onion River Community Access taped this program. The library has books by all four authors - we'll receive Jennifer's soon. Check them out or buy a copy at Bear Pond Books that's been authographed by the author.