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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The History Expo

So, I'm just now recovering from the Vermont History Expo this past weekend and wanted to say - again, but online this time - what a great event it was: Tunbridge Fairgrounds, two days of great weather, and everywhere you looked, happy, happy History Geeks [of which I would be one]. I think the theme this year was ostensibly transportation, but really it's more an opportunity to get together, look at other towns' exhibits, and wander aimlessly around the grounds. Which this year weren't so very crowded but by all rights should have been. I think my favorite event the last few years [the Expo's been going for eight years now] has been the parade. It's random & a teeny bit disorganized [but in a good way - sometimes the parade participants are so far apart that spectators get sucked into the march] and wends its way through the entire Midway. The first year it took place there were animals involved, too: cows, calves, oxen, sheep, goats & such. About halfway through the parade route a small goat decided it really didn't want to walk any more and plopped itself firmly on the ground. Whereupon its owner [a youngish person not really very much bigger than the goat] tugged hopefully on the halter a couple of times, shrugged, picked the goat up, and lugged it the rest of the way. It's that kind of parade, and, in every good way, that kind of Expo. Long may it run...

And I guess if one needed to tie this in with our library somehow [because this is after all a library website] I would point out that there are, umm, a lot of Vermont History books here? Yeah yeah, that's it. Well, there are...Have fun, Rachel.


Books on Wheels - StoryTime goes on the Road

Rachael Grossman, KHL's Outreach Coordinator, has teamed up with the Children’s Library staff to bring story time out to our surrounding communities. Here is the information should you want to talk this up in your communities:
It’s a quiet morning in late July. The kids are cranky and you don’t want to turn on the TV. Don’t despair! The Kellogg-Hubbard Library’s Books on Wheels program is bringing story time to your community! Kids of all ages are welcome to join a fun-filled hour of stories, crafts, and songs. Afterward, there will be plenty of picture books on hand to check out. There will also be a limited selection of books for older children. For kids participating in the summer reading program, this will be a great time to stock up on exciting new books to add to your list. Check the schedule below for dates, times, and locations.

July 24th at 9:30 – Story time at East Montpelier Elementary School with Megan Allison.

July 25th at 11:00 – Story time at the Worcester Town Hall with Megan Allsion.

July 26th at 10:00 – Story time at the Adamant Methodist Church with Mary Jane Manahan.

July 27th at 10:00 – Story time at Rumney Memorial School with Megan Allison.