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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Closings

The Library is closed on December 24, 25, 26, 27 and we will re-open on Monday, December 28 at 10am.  Happy Holidays to all of our patrons!  Enjoy the snow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

6th Annual Onion River Century Ride

Hopefully you've been out on your bike, climbing hills, and enjoying the rural roads of Vermont. This Saturday, July 25, 2009, you can hurry on down to the Montpelier Rec Field on Elm Street and register to ride in the Onion River Century Ride. We added a shorter loop, 23.7 miles, for those of us who are not ready yet to ride 68 or 111 miles in one day! The entry fee is $65 and you can register at 7:30am at the Rec Field.

The official start of the race is at 8:30am with a police escort through town and to the roundabout at Walker Motors. After that you're on your own on Rte 2 to East Montpelier where you'll pick up Rte 14 to all three loops. Each loop is color-coordinated so you follow the arrow signs with your color. The 24 mile loop turns left onto Factory Street in North Montpelier and winds itself over to the Adamant Coop for the food and drink stop. The 68 mile loop heads to Hardwick, then Morrisville to Rte 12 back to Montpelier. The longest loop continues past Hardwick to Barton, Irasburg, North Wolcott, Morrisville then down RTE 12 to Montpelier. All rides start and end at the Montpelier Rec Field. A delicious end-of-ride BBQ will be waiting for you!

Ride your bike for the library! All proceeds after expenses go to the Kellogg-Hubbard Library! Thank you Andrew Brewer and Carrie Baker Stahler of Onion River Sports for making this happen! And listen to WDEV live at various stops along the ride!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weathering the Storm

This difficult economic climate presents challenges for all of us. The Kellogg-Hubbard Library is offering a series of timely programs to help people in our community come together to learn more about what we can do to weather the crisis.

Thanks to the many organizations and individuals who have offered to present programs at no charge to the library!

Thursday, April 9th, 7 pm
Finding Balance in Your Budget
If you are trying to figure out how to manage with less, join Matt Calhoun of Edward P. Jones, who will talk about the basics of budgeting and the importance of managing credit and debt.

Monday, April 13, 6:30 pm
Career and Education
Decision-Making for Adults
Are you thinking about upgrading your skills to become more competitive in the employment market? Can you afford to continue your education? Join this interactive workshop for 15 people with Andrea Gould from VSAC, Career & Education Outreach Program
Pre-registration is required by calling 223-3338.

Thursday, April 16, 7 pm
Health Insurance Options
If you are concerned about how you will fund health insurance for yourself or your family, Peter Youngbear, Executive Director of the Peoples Health and Wellness Clinic will discuss health insurance options for Vermonters., as well as health services offered by the Clinic.

Thurs., April 23, 1:30 pm
How to Find a Job
Learn about finding a job from the experts. Sheldon Esch, Career Development Facilitator with the Vermont Dept of Labor Resource Center in Barre will talk about the many free job-hunting services you can get through the Center.

Thursday, April 30, 7 pm
Panel: What Makes a Job Applicant Stand Out?
Do you sometimes feel as though the job application you submitted disappeared into a black hole? Come to hear a panel of human resources experts talk about what makes a job application stand out from the crowd and land that all-important interview.
May 4, 7 pm
Saving Money on Transportation
Receive tips for saving money by walking, biking, driving and taking public transit with Becka Roolf, Going Green Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning & Design Expert.

Thursday, May 7, 7 pm
Programs and Services of the Small Business
Many successful small businesses have started up during a difficult economy. If having your own business is something that you’ve thought about, come to an introductory session of the Small Business Administration and learn about the many free services they offer to help you make your dream a reality.

Thursday, May 14, 7 pm
Caring for your Pets in Hard Times
In hard times, a pet can be an friend and an emotional support. But a beloved pet’s needs can also cause financial strain. Join Erika Bruner, DVM from Onion River Animal Hospital for a discussion on how to keep your pet healthy in difficult times.

Thursday, May 21, 7 pm
Credit Issues & How to Deal with Shortfalls
Are you feeling squeezed by outstanding debt? Join Wendy Rea, Barre Branch President at Merchants Bank for a discussion on how to handle credit issues and financial shortfalls.

Thursday, May 28, 7 pm
Investing in Uncertain Times
Market ups and downs making you nervous? Not really sure what to do? Tom Golonka, Managing Partner in Silverlake Wealth Management, will help you figure out how to balance your investments to meet your long-term goals in any market environment.

Program support by:
Edward P. Jones
Going Green
Green Mountain United Way
Merchants Bank
National Life Group
Onion River Animal Hospital
People’s Health and Wellness Clinic
Silverlake Wealth Management
Small Business Administration
Vermont Department of Labor

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Programs through March

Here are our programs through the end of March. April will be packed full of programs, too! Look for the newsletters soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 6:30pm A Master Gardener program
In anticipation of the first day of spring join us for:Growing Small Fruits and Berrieswith David Fried, founder of Elmore Roots Nursery.

Monday, March 23, 2009 at 6:30pm
Building Compassionate Social Systems with Dominic Barter of Brazil
Learn how restorative circles are transforming lives and promoting peace in Brazil, and consider applications for building restorative communities in Vermont.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 7pm Dreaming of Ireland with Lerna,
Dreaming of Ireland – A Journal of Discovery Through Music, Art, and Language – is a daily account of Lerna’s adventures during a three month trip to Ireland.

Monday, March 30, 2009 at 6;30pm Lawn to Garden Conversions
Permaculture teacher Mark Krawczyk will discuss simple, chemical-free strategies to eliminate lawn, build healthy soil, and establish beautiful, productive gardens. He'll examine the design, installation and maintenance of perennial, edible forest gardens, providing a dynamic, productive alternative to conventional landscaping.

As usual, the Kellogg-Hubbard Library programs are free, open to the public and ADA accessible. All of these programs are in the Hayes Room.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ace of Games Updates

Throughout the Ace of Games, I've learned many new games that I think others would enjoy should they get the chance. At our Saturday sessions at the Library, the new game Dominion has been popular. Dominion is a card game that many others have taken up recently with great reviews. See what other boardgamers say about Dominion at
Next, I'd like to promote this great little game called Hey! Thats My Fish! It was developed by someone who was dreaming about artificial intelligence. But don't let that confuse you, it really is about penguins collecting piles of fish.
Then theres Quarto! This little game is not in our collection at the library but gets a lot of play at the Langdon Street Cafe and at Rhapsody. It is a very classy abstract two-player game which challenges players to get a four-in-a-row using the multiple aspects of the wooden pieces. The catch: the opponent determines which piece you play. A great game for a quick play!

Our Magic tournament needs instructors who can teach newcomers to the game. Please contact me if you can play Magic. Participants recieve a free Starter Pack courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. Supply is limited. Also, we will be throwing in some Dungeons & Dragons into the mix for good measure. If you've always wanted to play D&D, this is a great place to start. Learn to build a character on the Dungeons & Dragons character builder found exclusively on the Wizards of the Coast DnD Insider subscription website.

We've had great turnouts for our Saturday games, now reaching about 20 gamers. Join us for the fun!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ace of Games Updates

Last night there was a great showing at the Bear Pond Books Bananagrams event. About 20 folks, young and not-as-young came together to put their Bananagramming to the test. Its that type of game where you have to say, "just one more..." Sources say that Bananagrams has been the top seller out of any one product at Bear Pond last year. Mont P could be the Bananagrams capital of the world! Don't forget the Bananagrams tournament on February 21, at 2pm at the library. You could win the Top Banana trophy!

Last week the Ace of Games added the Coffee Corner as its newest venue. Montpelier's favorite teeny-tiny diner will host Apples to Apples (one of the library's recommended) every Wednesday from 1-3. Other games would be welcome, so break out the cribbage board, the Quarto! or the backgammon and get your game on.

I have noticed that there are a whole gaggle of Michiganders who have settled here in Montpelier. When I was growing up in Michigan, Euchre was the official cardgame of the Mid-West. Can Euchre make its way into Vermont? Click here to check out the rules: As for house rules, no kibbitzing, yes on Farmer's Hands, and "Screw the Dealer" is in effect. Card games will be featured on February 14, Valentines Day at the Ace of Games at the Library, 2-5pm.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coincidental browsing

So I was browsing through PC WORLD magazine Dec08 and came across some tips for better Google searches (use quotes when looking for a phrase like "dyed in the wool", or use a minus sign to limit a search like salsa -dance if you want recipes, not dance steps), and there are more tips at Google's Advance Search Tips.

And I was browsing through Family Handyman magazine Feb09 (and believe me, I'm only handy with the KitchenAid) and, being the save-money issue, they said to buy a monitor to see how much electricity an appliance uses. WE HAVE ONE TO CHECK OUT. Type in kill-a-watt in our catalog and read all about it.

Come on in and browse! Browse the shelves, browse the magazines, see where it leads you. Take home Pastel Journal even if you don't draw, or Runner's World even if you don't run, or Discover even if you got Cs in any science class you ever took. (Verrrry interesting...) Take home Architectural Digest just to look at the pictures. Or, want to browse from home? Use the Vermont Online Library link from our home page, (then you'll have to type in the last five numbers of your barcode) and click on the top database, Gale Reference Center Gold. Browsing is good, browsing is fun, browsing is FREE too.

Friday, January 30, 2009

ACE OF GAMES: The collection, donations, prizes, and the venues

Ace of Games continues today, Friday, January 30, when dozens of young gamers converge this afternoon for tabletop fun! Want to know what games are in our growing collection? Check out and search for kellogghubbard, or go directly to our collection at This website is a huge resource for board gamers, offering descriptions of over 5ooo games with photos, session reports, discussions, strategy tips, and a marketplace. Sign on an be a geek buddy of the KHL. Right now, we've got over 30 games and counting.

Our collection is made up of the best games available. Most are high-quality board games from game makers who care enough to make games that are as pleasing to look at as they are to play. Often, the high quality means added expense, so I'm pleased that so many companies have generously supported the Ace of Games. Here's a list of the companies who have given generously to our games program: Northstar Games, Gamewright, Bananagrams. Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, and Hasbro. Also, we have had some generous donations from Woodbury Mountain Toys, who has always been a great supporter of our programs. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

Now that the tournament has kicked off, its time to announce some of the prizes that you can win as part of the Ace of Games. First, for you adults: a $100 gift certificate for tax preparation work by Abacus Bookkeeping. Win this and you can play more games without worrying about your taxes! Woodbury Mountain comes through as always with a generous donation of 5 gift certificates each worth $10. The Book Garden offers a gift certificate of $20. La Brioche offers a $25 gift certificate. And Coffee Corner kicks in another $25 gift certificate. Great prizes from great downtown Montpelier businesses. Don't forget the Top Banana trophy that goes to the winner of the Bananagrams tournament on Sat. Feb 21 at 2pm.

We are so lucky to have venues all around town that support the Ace of Games. So many of them are throwing their own gaming events. Coming up on Feb. 6 is Bear Pond Books with their Bananagrams party for the whole family from 6-8pm. Our newest participant, The Coffee Corner, has decided to mix it up with games of Apples to Apples every Wednesday from 1-3pm during the Ace of Games at the front table, by the window. The Ace of Games takes on a new flavor at La Brioche, where chef Adrian Westrope has baked up an edible checkerboard. To order this delicious game, call the bakery 24 hours in advance at (802) 225-3380. The set costs $14 for a cake board and cookie tokens. You can also just buy the cookies for $3 a bag. Otherwise, cusotmers are invited to play games any time. The same invitation has been extended by the Langdon Street Cafe with great results after they installed a permanent games shelf last year. Starting March 10-15 Langdon Street Cafe hosts its annual Geek Week, with an added emphasis on board games. Sunday, March 15, is dedicated entirely to board games at the cafe. Woodbury Mountain Toys has an awesome selection of specialty games for young and old, and during the Ace of Games they are offering 20% off games with a coupon from the library (available Saturday). Also, there is a cute little game table to set up games such as Link-o, Shut the Box, or Quarto. Speaking of Quarto, Rhapsody Cafe on Main Street has recently acquired Quarto for their expanding game shelf. Quarto is quick to learn and quick to play, a perfect lunch hour game. Thats seven Ace of Games venues to choose from, plus the library, so you have lots of options. Now cure your cabin fever and "Get Out and Play!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009


In February 2008, the Kellogg-Hubbard Library announced its Games! at the Library program.
The Children's Library invested in several board games, including Apples to Apples and the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game. Soon after, I asked board game companies for donations, and received a deluge of support! Companies such as Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, Northstar Games, Gamewright, Days of Wonder, Hasbro, and Bananagrams all pitched in. Local merchants like Woodbury Mt. Toys and Book Garden also gave us a boost. With our new collection, we announced an ongoing Friday afternoon Games! program with great success. Kids were making new friends, learning social skills and good sportsmanship, and tackling problems. In a world dominated by computer games, vying for children's attentions, the board game offers a tactile, face-to-face gaming experience that fits our Vermont sense of community building.

This weekend we the kicked off another program for the Kellogg-Hubbard community: the Ace of Games Festival and Tournament. On Friday afternoon, 25 kids played boardgames including Ticket to Ride, Piratissimo, Bananagrams, spit, Settlers of Catan and more. Plus we added the Heroes of Fallcrest Dungeons & Dragons campaign for 8-12 yr olds, thanks to our volunteer Dungeon Masters Matt and Eli. The kids are having a blast with our games. I've been hearing that the games have been coming out everyday after school, and not just on Fridays. We're building a great community of young gamers, and promoting literacy and community as well.

On Saturday, we welcomed adults and teens to the Hayes Room to sample our recommended games. About 20 have participated so far, playing Settlers, Carcassonne, and many others. With the help of our volunteer game masters, we were able to get the newbies up and running with these great games. Bob racked up 8 points for teaching both Settlers and Carcassonne. As I write this, the gamers are wrapping up a game of Ticket to Ride, Agricola (new to our collection), and Pictureka. Its a great day for game geeks! Look for the Ace of Games article coming soon in the Times Argus.
See you at the game table,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Library calculator

The more you use the library the more you're getting for your tax dollars or patron fee. Check this out!!! KHL Use Value Calculator

FYI- all of our public computers have Microsoft Word and/or OpenOffice. Using one of their resume templates you can put together a resume in pretty short order. (OK, the Word template is easier to use.) Usage is limited on the public internet computers, but we also have a workstation just for typing, and you can print from
all computers, .15/page, B&W.

OK, take a break- BBC Audio Slideshows. Scroll about halfway down and click on MORE AUDIO SLIDESHOWS and off you go to, say, Kew Gardens!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Browse new materials, check your account!

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