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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ace of Games Updates

Throughout the Ace of Games, I've learned many new games that I think others would enjoy should they get the chance. At our Saturday sessions at the Library, the new game Dominion has been popular. Dominion is a card game that many others have taken up recently with great reviews. See what other boardgamers say about Dominion at
Next, I'd like to promote this great little game called Hey! Thats My Fish! It was developed by someone who was dreaming about artificial intelligence. But don't let that confuse you, it really is about penguins collecting piles of fish.
Then theres Quarto! This little game is not in our collection at the library but gets a lot of play at the Langdon Street Cafe and at Rhapsody. It is a very classy abstract two-player game which challenges players to get a four-in-a-row using the multiple aspects of the wooden pieces. The catch: the opponent determines which piece you play. A great game for a quick play!

Our Magic tournament needs instructors who can teach newcomers to the game. Please contact me if you can play Magic. Participants recieve a free Starter Pack courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. Supply is limited. Also, we will be throwing in some Dungeons & Dragons into the mix for good measure. If you've always wanted to play D&D, this is a great place to start. Learn to build a character on the Dungeons & Dragons character builder found exclusively on the Wizards of the Coast DnD Insider subscription website.

We've had great turnouts for our Saturday games, now reaching about 20 gamers. Join us for the fun!


Anonymous said...

Let's see. It's March 17, one month after your wonderful post Mr Matchstick. But there is nothing new from the library. I feel silly for checking; I visited but I was the only one here. Nothing about town meeting day. No books, apparently, have been read. Is the children's library closed? Even the weather is not worth a remark? We are heading for a depression, but there is no one to comment on our fears. There is no poetry, no narrative that hints of the books behind the granite walls. There is no inspiration, only the "ace of games.” I'll keep reading your post but I hope that some day we'll have something new to say to each other. Ah, but maybe that is the point! – there is nothing new, only you and me on February 16, 2009, at 3:33pm.

Anonymous said...

Gentle reader: How nice to know that someone cares. We slacked off because we seldom see a comment such as yours and wondered if we had any readers out there at all. Now that we know someone is watching, we'll try to do better. Keep checking.