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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coincidental browsing

So I was browsing through PC WORLD magazine Dec08 and came across some tips for better Google searches (use quotes when looking for a phrase like "dyed in the wool", or use a minus sign to limit a search like salsa -dance if you want recipes, not dance steps), and there are more tips at Google's Advance Search Tips.

And I was browsing through Family Handyman magazine Feb09 (and believe me, I'm only handy with the KitchenAid) and, being the save-money issue, they said to buy a monitor to see how much electricity an appliance uses. WE HAVE ONE TO CHECK OUT. Type in kill-a-watt in our catalog and read all about it.

Come on in and browse! Browse the shelves, browse the magazines, see where it leads you. Take home Pastel Journal even if you don't draw, or Runner's World even if you don't run, or Discover even if you got Cs in any science class you ever took. (Verrrry interesting...) Take home Architectural Digest just to look at the pictures. Or, want to browse from home? Use the Vermont Online Library link from our home page, (then you'll have to type in the last five numbers of your barcode) and click on the top database, Gale Reference Center Gold. Browsing is good, browsing is fun, browsing is FREE too.

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