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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Book Review - poem

This poem is by a great library volunteer, Theodore Hoppe.  Enjoy!

The Book Review

From the beloved bestselling author

A tale full of intrigue and murder

An excursion into the world of suspense

and misadventure

Weaving together the high tech fixing

Of a string of unexpected events

The quintesstial tale of music,

The truths and lies we tell ourselves

About life and love

Such an implausible mixture

Is only slightly less amazing than the facts

A loving moving laugh-out loud celebration

Of special friends and family

Suspenseful and morally complex

Whose meaning resonates

Probing the seamy underside of

A dark romantic and captivating secret

Unforgettable, instructive and moving

Told in a down to earth amusing and agenda free tone

A captivating examination of culture,

Race, class, death and rebirth.


and as painfuly allurring as it is dangerous

Written with more warmth and grace than

we are likely to see again.

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