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Friday, December 12, 2008


Was listening to a very good cd, DAUGHTER OF TIME by Josephine Tey. (Well, actually required alot of jumping back a track or two to try and keep all those
British royals straight.) Excellent reader. There was a great quote about libraries which I
didn't jot down while driving, so got to work, ran upstairs, got the book, here it is. The character was sent to buy a book by Sir Thomas More. However-
"No T. More in any of the bookshops, so tried Public Library. Can't think why one never thinks of Public Libraries. Probably because books expected to be soupy. Think this looks quite clean and unsoupy. You get fourteen days. Sounds like a sentence rather than a loan." Scribner paperback ed, 1995, p.70.

Where do you enjoy audiobooks- driving, walking, knitting, painting, ...? Has to be a good reader, though.

Want to see what you have checked out and when it's due? Go to our online card catalog, click the My Info tab, type in your entire patron barcode number (on back of your library card) and the password is your last name.

BTW, wonder what all those IM and text messages SAY? Here's a list of internet acronyms and text messaging shorthand.

Last but not least, take a stroll down School St during the day sometime and enjoy the aroma coming from Manghi's. OML

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