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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marie Countryman's Photos of Church Steeple Renovation

One of the events we watched in Montpelier from October, 2007 to April, 2008, was the renovation of the Trinity United Methodist Church steeple. In the snow, rain, and sleet (you know what Vermont weather is like) the steeple jacks could be seen on what looked like thin threads dangling high above the treetops, first taking off the old wooden shingles, then replacing them with "Grace Ice and Water Shield" underlayment. Finally, the slate was attached, designed with the colored stone in stripes, hearts, zigzags and a cross. The final installation will be enjoyed by Montpelierites for at least 150 years.

While the steeple jacks were amazing to watch, probably what most of us missed seeing was the talented photographer, Marie Countryman, standing on the sidewalk below. She faithfully took photos of the church steeple as it was renovated. With some of these photos and 2 articles from The Montpelier Bridge newspaper about the steeple, she created a photo document binder for the library to share with our patrons. Her 34 beautiful photographs tell the story from the staging of the site to the final design. She introduces us to the guys who did the work, plus a page on the slate that was used and why.

We are lucky that Marie was so devoted to capturing this project with her camera.

Please take some time to look at her work. It is located at the Adult Circulation desk.

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