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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer is a great time to visit Kellogg-Hubbard

I joined Kellogg-Hubbard Library as its new executive director last month and am enjoying getting to know the wonderful staff, board of directors, volunteers and the many patrons who come here daily. I am following Martin Hahn, who served so astutely for three years and is now off on an exciting life and professional adventure for a year overseas. We wish him the very best.
We are fortunate to have the tremendous support of so many folks in our direct service area as well as those who choose to come here from other towns.
My professional background includes organizational management, fund development, marketing, communications, media relations, public relations, customer satisfaction, volunteer management, among other things. I have been involved in the communities of central Vermont in various ways, including the Boy Scouts of America, Rotary Club of Montpelier and Green Mountain United Way, for which I currently serve as president.
When I first heard late last fall that this position might be opening, I immediately contacted Martin and the board to express my interest and began doing some research on libraries and their future. Libraries have always evolved to meet the needs of their patrons and the future of libraries looks even more exciting than their significant past. We are enjoying an increase in patron visits and lending despite the technology explosion.
Please drop by for a visit this summer. Check out our website at for a schedule of activities. I also invite you to consider being a donor to keep the library going and to contact me or one of our staff to discuss leaving a legacy to this wonderful organization which was founded in 1894 and has continually served the area since then.
Best wishes for a memorable Vermont summer!

Daniel L. Pudvah, Executive Director

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Morgan W. Brown said...

Welcome on board to the Kellogg Hubbard Library (KHL) as well as its blog.

For at least this first blog post of yours posted to the KHL blog, you should consider having Rachel or someone else take a photo of you within the library and then include it within this very post.

In addition, at least in the future, you should also embed any links you post in order to make them live or clickable ones for people to click onto and have them redirected to whatever site you are intending to lead them recommend (that said, the link to the KHL Website is always within the blog sidebar of course).

It is just a thought.