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Monday, July 21, 2008

Martin, Janet and Gustavo in India

photo by Martin Hahn
We received an email from Martin and Janet telling us of their arrival in India. They are living in Kodaikanal at a boarding school for the next 9 months. Martin will be working in the development office, Janet will be teaching English as a second language and health sciences to 12 year olds. Gustavo will be attend school with classmates from around the world.

Here is an excerpt from their email:

Like everyone else who visits India from the west, it is impossible to not comment on the excruciating poverty. We have seen mostly an agricultural economy: people (mostly women) working the fields by hand; transporting or selling produce. The old, unemployed, and less physically able are left to fend for themselves and it is a stark sight.

But we are thrilled to be here. Gus is learning to play cricket (his new “favorite” sport) with all his new friends. He is fascinated by the monkeys and the wild bison (we’ll tell you more in another letter) and looking forward to starting school. One of his subjects will be Tamil (the local language). All of us are enjoying the scenery, the food, and the chance to live a different life.
photo by Martin Hahn

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