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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moments of the Day

photo of Jeannette, owner of Sugarmill Farm, in Barton Working as a volunteer this past Saturday for the Onion River Century Ride brought great moments throughout the day. Jan Schlosser and I staffed the second food stop in Barton at the Sugarmill Farm. Jeannette, the owner, is incredibly friendly, helpful and generous. Her grandson's dog, Tucker, was a big hit with the riders this year. Although he wasn't suppose to eat our food (due to allergies) he stayed close at hand to clean up any crumbs that hit the ground.

photo of the barn at Sugarmill Farm in Barton by Rachel SenechalThe surroundings at Sugarmill Farm are really beautiful like this big, red barn. It makes a great backdrop for the cyclists.
The cyclists are a fun and varied crew, too. I especially enjoyed the riders who suggested that we have contests among the food stops next year. Which food stop is the most fun - contest. We got points for having Tucker the dog, and for holding an umbrella over the riders when we had a few raindrops. Many riders commented on the vast array of good food. We aim to please!

Memorable moments: Watching Mary Hooper, Montpelier's Mayor ride 113 miles! Kudos to you, Mary. Watching Nina Otter ride 113 miles after very little training! Watching Jacob Klein ride 60 miles - his first time out on his bike this year! Tom celebrating his 50th birthday by riding 113 miles! Two of the riders doing head stands at each food stop to drain the blood from their feet! (Click here to see photos of the headstands from the Montpeleir Matters Blog.)

photo of Jacob Klein in Barton, by Rachel Senechal

We stopped to save a 10 inch turtle in the middle of the road. Others saw a moose on Rt12.

Carol, Ruth, and a rider relaxing at the Elmore Food Stop, by Rachel Senechal

The camaraderie among the cyclists and volunteers was great to behold! Volunteers -get your bid in for which food stop you want at next year's Century Ride! I call the Barton Food Stop!

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