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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Haiku. Do you?

Okay, so I like making up haiku. We all have failings. They're really fun, though: short and, once you get the rhythm down, easy to compose. [De-composing? That's harder.] Here's how they go:


Are five, seven, five
Syllables, that is. Titles?
You just make 'em up

A Strange Library Meteorological Phenomenon Observed

Rain pours down. Thunder
roars, lightning crackles overhead.
Must get videos.

And on a mostly unrelated note I'm reading Little Heathens. It's a memoir of growing up on an Iowa farm during the Depression years by a woman named Mildred Kalish and it's wonderful.
She writes of old family recipes and cures, of favored animals and relatives, and of the sheer joy to be had from working hard and living simply. AND she's a listmaker on the level of E.B. White, which I find quite enjoyable. The book's available here at the library and there's only one person after me on the hold list. Reserve your copy now...


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Have you checked out the Cornell University Ag Library's haiku of the day? See