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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Community outreach

The library’s community advisory committee met yesterday. This is a board committee with representatives from all the towns in our service area; they guide our annual requests to taxpayers.

We have begun planning for 2008 and one of our goals is to increase communication with town residents on library funding issues through community newspapers and newsletters:

Times Argus
Montpelier Bridge
Washington World
Middlesex Newspaper
The Grapevine, Worcester
East Montpelier Signpost
Maple Cornet Net (e-newsletter)
School newsletters

Periodically, I will use this weblog to provide updates on Kellogg-Hubbard's finances, which will then provide us with narrative to submit to these publications. I welcome you input on the content and tone of these posts. (We know there are a few readers of our blog out there. We subscribe to Sitemeter which counts the numbers of “hits” to our blog. For the week April 2-8, we had 79 visits. Of course many of these visits are posters and our family members who log on to admire our wit and wisdom. But I suspect there may be a few readers outside of the library, and we welcome your comments.)

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