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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thai Woven Fish Workshop

photo by Rachel Senechal"You've never seen a room full of gray haired people so focused and enjoying themselves making a craft that fourth graders usually do." That was Chris Brown's assessment of the Thai Woven Fish Workshop that he attended with his wife, Connie, this past Saturday at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. (Not everyone had gray hair although the majority did!) The workshop was taught by Suchada Sanonguthai, a Thai AFS Visiting Teacher at Montpelier High School and Primprao Dejdamrong, a Thai AFS Visiting Teacher at Randolph Elementary School. We learned how to weave paper into the shape of fish using wall paper or recycled 2006 Vermont Life calendars. The woven fish is a symbol of perseverance and prosperity. It took perseverance to learn how to weave the pretty fish. I felt like I was all thumbs. Once we got the hang of it we had 15 people crafting fish after fish. Chris and Connie Brown were in the library today. They are addicted at weaving fish - they make them every day. I must admit I have five new fish on my kitchen counter. I experimented with using construction paper with one fish. Connie is using ribbon. Today two other people told me how much they enjoyed the workshop. I keep looking at the woven fish mobiles on display at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library for more design ideas. Who knew a time honored domestic Thai craft would capture our imagination!
Photo by Rachel Senechal
photo by Rachel Senechal

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Morgan W. Brown said...

Appreciate your sharing the excellent photos Rachel.